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Lioco Winery


Santa Rosa, CA

The Winery:

LIOCO’S search for compelling fruit reaches from the rugged mountains above Cloverdale, to the ridges along the Sonoma Coast, and down into the foggy valleys of Corralitos near Santa Cruz. LIOCO’S winemaker, John Raytek, believes his love of food and wine –and the experience of when both are enjoyed together– began at an early age. His hotelier father brought the family to great restaurants several times a week, instilling in him an appreciation for the connection that food and wine can create. This guy skis, he cycles, he drinks Burgundy. And these days, John’s vast technical abilities and his artisan touches extend beyond the vineyard and into the cellar. A tireless craftsmen, he is a near-permanent fixture at Punchdown.

Private Tasting:

Enjoy a private tasting while soaking in the winery vibe at the custom crush facility in Santa Rosa. Taste four (4) LIOCO wines while garnering a better understanding of how wine is crafted and what makes LIOCO wines so unique.

Duration: 1hr

Price: $25 per person